Taking it back home

Tomorrow night I'm speaking at the Nebraska Prairie Museum in Holdrege.  This is where I got almost all of the photos I used for my book, plus my research there plugged a few holes in what found at the public library.

I'm excited and honestly, a bit nervous.  This is the crowd that would be able to call me on if I got anything wrong.  Many of the people in the audience could have family stories of those days that got passed down through the generations.  This is where my research will really pass the test or not. I

Not only that, but a bunch of my former schoolmates have let me know they will be in attendance. Hopefully I don't get flashbacks to 11th grade Speech Class.

Right now is when the nerves gets the worst.  After tonight, I know there's no more prep I can do and no more pictures to add to the slide show. The roller-coaster has reached the top of the initial hill and is about to take that first heart stopping drop.

I've always held onto the belief that being nervous before a presentation or performance is a good thing, because that means you do care if your message gets across.  It doesn't get any easier, but it helps me sleep at night.